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The Father Bob Maguire Foundation: Bins – Feed the Homeless

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Clemenger BBDO of Melbourne, Australia was tasked
to bring awareness to Melbourne’s homeless for
Father Bob’s Foundation and came up with a clever
advertising solution. They created stickers of a fork
(with napkin) and spoon knife and strategically placed
them along side a trash bin’s opening, making it look
like a place setting, with the opening of the bin as
the “plate”.

I think that’s genius. Most of us throw our scraps
of leftover lunch without much thought. What if we
had trash cans, specifically for the homeless? I’m sure it
would feed thousands, although, it is kinda disgusting
handing out leftover food. But, I’m sure there are
some really hungry people out there that’ll take
whatever they can get. Judging from the picture above,
the “ad” looks successful. I think I see a sandwich in



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