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Racing grannies and speeding grandpas

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Did you find the Boxing Grannies awesome? If so, check out two more elderly-themed toys: the “Track Racing Grannies” and “Speeding Grandads”.


The Track Racing Grannies is a slot car toy that features a 26-inch oval track (composed of 8 pieces) with two remote controls, allowing you to get your cranky race on with a friend. The Granny cars are clipped onto the track to prevent the cars from flying off. The Racing Grannies cost £14.99 ($30) at Gadgetshop. Batteries not included.


If that wasn’t enough, the Speeding Grandads allows you to be a kid again, as you pull back on the toy and let it zip around the floor. They’re cute in their elderly scooter and they come in pairs, so you can race with a friend. Just pull Grandpa back a few inches and let him rip. £4.99 ($10) at Gadgetshop.


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