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Twist cap provides instant green tea

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In an effort to provide “fresh” beverages to consumers, a Japanese company has began marketing mineral water with a special “twist cap” that releases 1.4 grams of Kyoto Matcha, a high-grade green tea, into the water. Instant tea anyone?

My view? Why not just ship the drinks pre-mixed? Why go through all the engineering fuss over a twisting cap, not to mention all the money spent on research and design?

A pack of 24 ‘Twisting Cap’ Kyoto Matcha costs 5,280 Yen ($53 USD) for a case of 24. Expensive? Hell yeah. But then again, I’m no green tea drinker, so what do I know? Kyoto Matcha might be worth spending that much money…maybe not.


Via: Trends in Japan

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