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Dram Sandal: sneak your drink inside

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Ever wanted to sneak alcohol into, say, school? Into work? Now you can with Reef’s Dram Sandal. The Dram Sandal features a polyurethane encapsulated canteen in the heel with a screw cap. You can smuggle your booze anywhere! Of course, made by Reef, the sandal should fit very comfortably while walking around, as it sports contoured compression-molded EVA footbeds. It is also water proof, so it’s safe for beach use. The only problems I see with this are:

1. Drinking from a sandal that you’ve been wearing all day is pretty gross. I wouldn’t wanna smell my feet while I’m drinking.

2. You’ll be getting disgusting looks from observers. But, hey, I doubt you’ll care as soon as you’re buzzed.

The Reef Dram Sandal costs $40 – $46 depending on your foot size at Amazon.


Via: Inventor Spot

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