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LED Torch that recharges by cigarette lighter

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If you have ever had a car break down on you in the dark, in some deserted area, then you know how convenient a flashlight in your car can really be. The Rechargeable LED Torch is a snazzy looking flashlight that recharges in your car’s cigarette lighter. Its 2-inch metal frame is small enough to fit in your glove box or left charging in your cigarette lighter, yet it is powerful enough to shine a high-intensity beam. It features an eco-friendly battery and provides 120 minutes of lighting time per 7 hour charge. The LED Torch is compatible with most 12V cigarettes lighters.

It comes in five colors: black, blue, green, purple, and red. The Rechargeable LED Torch costs £12.99 ($26 USD) at FlashWear.


Via: Shiny Shiny

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