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iPod lamp docking station

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Need something a little more “subtle” as a docking station for your iPod? The iHome is an iPod docking station that looks like a lamp, but has a built-in speaker and docking port for your beloved MP3 player. This is perfect for your cubicle or your home office, because not everyone has the desk space or the desire for bulky docking stations.

The “iPod Lamp” is available in three versions and is compatible with most iPods including the Nano, Touch, and Mini.

The iHL10 ($77) comes in white or black with backlit buttons and 12 Watts of total bass power. It features a 35 Watt light bulb.

The iHL20 ($74) comes in either pink, white, or black and features 3 Watts of total bass power. It comes with a 60 Watt LED light-bulb and volume slider.

Finally, the iHL31 ($106) is available in either white or black and has 4 speakers pumping 4 Watts of total bass power. It includes a remote control, chrome buttons, and 35 Watt Halogen light.


Via: Register Hardware

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