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MobiBLU Cube3: smallest MP3 player?

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My, my, my. Look at what MobiBLU has in store for us on May 1st. Sporting a tiny full-colored OLED screen, 2GB of storage, FM tuner, JPEG photo viewer, voice recorder, and audio playback — supporting MP3, WMA, and WMA protected files — the MobiBLU Cube3 has got to be the smallest portable audio player to hit the market. Video playback is also possible with support for MSV video files (conversion software is included to convert WMV, MPG, and ASF video files to MSV), but who in the world would want to watch a video on a tiny-ass screen? For the music junkies, the Cube3 is PlayForSure certified, so you can download all the tunes you want from music download sites and subscription services. SRS WOW HD and TrueBass Sound are supported for enhanced audio quality. Plus, SRS equipped earbuds are included.

Battery life is a respectable 10 hours of playback. However, for such a small sized device, I was expecting a little more…but I digress. The MobiBLU Cube3 will retail for $99.


Via: Gizmag

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