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Monthly Archives: May 2008

If Stewie Griffin was rendered realistically


From my favorite Photoshop guru Pixeloo, comes Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. Just as disturbing as his Mario and Homer Simpson ‘untooning’, but equally awesome.



Via: Pixeloo

Man rides Moped while eating noodles

Not sure if this was just a one-time stunt or if the Taiwanese man regularly eats while riding, but it appears the police in Zhanghua are looking to fine the man, that is, if they can find him.

In case you were wondering what the man says in the beginning: “These noodles smells really good, but I am riding the motorbike, what should I do? Whatever!”

I’m impressed. Both for his riding and chopstick skills.


Via: Arbroath

Pac-Man Ghost Lamps


Called the 80’s Ghost, these Pac-Man retro lamps are designed by Brazilian product designer, Anderson Horta. These would sure make an awesome night light.


Via: Apartment Therapy

Rube Goldberg – Cadbury Creme Egg smasher

In what seems like so much work just to smash a Cadbury Creme Egg, this Rube Goldberg machine seems overkill. But heck, it is still one of the best ones I’ve seen.


Via: Living the Scientific Life

Longest cell phone, ever?


From designer Tamer Koseli, comes the longest cell phone concept, called “Need”. However, I beg to differ. The phone doesn’t really look long (see image above), in fact, it actually looks like a stretched out skinny iPhone (notice the bottom ‘Home” button and the slit ear-piece). Unfortunately, the design doesn’t call for an MP3 player, video capabilities, or a camera, but it does have two screens: an OLED and touchscreen. It also looks like the touchscreen can be used with a stylus, which I though were extinct.


Via: Yanko Design

Munny doll speakers


Ever wanted a cute set of speakers for your office desk? Well, check out the Munny Speakers “mod” from Fungus Amungus at Instructables. You’ll need a pair of Munny dolls ($25 via KidRobot) and 3″ drivers like these bamboo drivers ($22 each). Simply cut a 3″ circle off of the doll’s head with a Xacto knife to fit in the speakers. The Munny dolls are made of vinyl so you might want to use a blow dryer to warm up the doll’s face to soften it before cutting. After cutting off the faces, create a small puncture hole in the doll’s neck to thread the speaker wire. After threading the wire, fill the heads with polyfill and then attach/seal the speakers to cover the hole.

You’ve now got a set of cute Munny doll speakers. Full instructions at Instructables.

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Via: Instructables