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Felt Weapons

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Remember the NES and TV made from felt? Well, check out these weapons made from the same soft material. All of the “weapons” are designed by MP Industries and are all unique. No weapon will be sold twice. The collection includes: a 9mm Glock, katana, medieval flail, AK-47, grenade, sniper rifle, claymore mine, nun-chuck, and a revolver to name a few. My favorite is the pink looking P90, which looks bad ass!


Too bad the only damage these things will do is…well, nothing. =)

We at MP industries take great care in the production of joyful and safe armory. We believe that our products help in making the world a safer and better place. Freedom is not free!

Our poducts are designed and manufactured with great care to ensure a safe usage and harm only to those
who deserve it. Amongst our suppliers are the honorable design offices and the material
specialist for felt, parkhaus berlin. To grasp and enjoy the full range of our product palette come and meet
us at our business show attendances at designmai, designbrussels etc.

All MP industries products are certified one-off pieces, and come with a signed and stamped certification of origin. We ensure, that no model will ever be produced twice. Luckily a large amount of weaponry exists on
the planet, so we can be sure to serve our customers with both great care and an endless stream of novelty
one-off pieces.



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