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Munny doll speakers

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Ever wanted a cute set of speakers for your office desk? Well, check out the Munny Speakers “mod” from Fungus Amungus at Instructables. You’ll need a pair of Munny dolls ($25 via KidRobot) and 3″ drivers like these bamboo drivers ($22 each). Simply cut a 3″ circle off of the doll’s head with a Xacto knife to fit in the speakers. The Munny dolls are made of vinyl so you might want to use a blow dryer to warm up the doll’s face to soften it before cutting. After cutting off the faces, create a small puncture hole in the doll’s neck to thread the speaker wire. After threading the wire, fill the heads with polyfill and then attach/seal the speakers to cover the hole.

You’ve now got a set of cute Munny doll speakers. Full instructions at Instructables.

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