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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Remote Control Mario Kart


If you enjoy Mario Kart Wii as much as I do, check out this radio controlled Mario Kart. This will probably be the closest thing you’ll get to real life Mario Kart. Unfortunately, this 1/32 scale model of Mario riding his kart can only go forward, backwards, or 360 degree turns. However, this toy will certainly keep the Mario Kart fans (and kiddies) happy.

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Self Watering Planter


Do you like plants but don’t necessarily have a green thumb? If you do, then this self watering planter is just for you. The built-in computer automatically checks the water level in your plant every 30 minutes and waters it if it comes up dry. You can store the specific water needs of your plant within the built-in computer which allows you to use the self watering planter for a variety of plants.

The planter fits a 10″ pot and requires 3 D batteries for use. So whether you do lack that green thumb or you are just lazy, you can purchase this self watering planter for $49.95 via Brookstone. A reasonable price considering the therapeutic benefit plants bring.


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Multisensis Hydromassage Cabin


Time travel is not yet possible, but the next best thing is. Sanindusa’s Multisensis hydromassage cabin gives the look of a time capsule but is actually a spa cabin for hydrotherapy. With plenty of room, the inside has a seat with cushion not only for your tush, but also for your back and your head. So just picture extreme comfort as you shower and get a massage at the same time.

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Solar Powered Key Light


The solar powered Key Hole Light keeps you from wasting electricity by not having to keep your porch light on for hours when you go out at night. It is switched on by tapping the top of the unit and only stays on for about 10 seconds, conserving its solar power for up to 720 more uses on its full charge.

Either by using adhesive pads or screws, the LED light can be easily placed above your key hole. It comes in three finishes – white, chrome, or brass – and can be purchased for $12.95 via ComfortHouse.

Now if they only made this for car doors so I wouldn’t scratch my car’s paint while trying to find the keyhole at night…


Via: Hometone

Shape Up! – Wake up with a workout


If you’re like me and get little to no exercise, this alarm clock might be up your alley. Called “Shape Up!”, this dumbbell shaped clock sports an LCD at one end of the device, which displays the time and requires you to do 30 reps to turn it off. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen alarm clocks that require “energy” to turn off (see here, here, and here.) What separates Shape Up! from the rest is that not only will it annoy you, but it will provide you with a daily morning workout.

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