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Shape Up! – Wake up with a workout

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If you’re like me and get little to no exercise, this alarm clock might be up your alley. Called “Shape Up!”, this dumbbell shaped clock sports an LCD at one end of the device, which displays the time and requires you to do 30 reps to turn it off. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen alarm clocks that require “energy” to turn off (see here, here, and here.) What separates Shape Up! from the rest is that not only will it annoy you, but it will provide you with a daily morning workout.

Designed by Yuk Wang, the Shape Up! is currently being showcased at Fred & Friends for an undetermined price. But, if you like to hit that snooze button several times in the morning, you might want to keep an eye on this. Now, the only question I have is how much does the Shape Up! weigh?


Via: Fred & Friends

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