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Multisensis Hydromassage Cabin

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Time travel is not yet possible, but the next best thing is. Sanindusa’s Multisensis hydromassage cabin gives the look of a time capsule but is actually a spa cabin for hydrotherapy. With plenty of room, the inside has a seat with cushion not only for your tush, but also for your back and your head. So just picture extreme comfort as you shower and get a massage at the same time.

The Multisensis uses water as it combines “hydrotherapy, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and Turkish bath” to bring its user the utmost feeling of relaxation. With the use of water injectors located throughout the cabin, the Multisensis massages you in a variety of areas including your feet. It doesn’t miss a spot as standing and sitting targets different parts of your body. Although the price is not known, you can visit Sanindusa for more information. It even comes in different colors!



Via: Trendir

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