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Monthly Archives: August 2008

LG KC910: 8MP camera phone

Intended to replace the LG KU990 Viewty, the KC910 measures only 14mm thick. LG decided to jump the touchscreen bandwagon (iPhone) and equip the KC910 with a 3-inch WVGA touchscreen display. Interface-wise, the GSM quad-band phone maintains a minimalistic form with only three face buttons available. However, the touchscreen isn’t what LG is highlighting, it’s the KC910’s 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash.

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Samsung X360: lighter than a MacBook Air

Not related in any fashion to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, is the Samsung X360 — Samsung’s latest counter offering to Apple’s MacBook Air. In fact, the X360 is lighter than the MacBook Air weighing in at only 1.27 kg (or 2.8 lbs — 0.2 pounds lighter than the MBA). It even packs more features than the Air; its got a 13.3-inch display, 1GB of RAM (4GB max), Centrino ULV processor, 64GB or 128GB SSD or 64GB or a 5400RPM 120GB HDD, Intel integrated X4500 graphics, a 34mm PCI ExpressCard, built-in HDMI, VGA out, LAN, docking port, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0+ EDR, and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

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The Rolling Bridge: retracts ‘rollie pollie’ style

The Rolling Bridge is an award winning design by Thomas Heatherwick that uses hydrolics to retract and extend similar to the way a Rollie Pollie curls and uncurls. Completely retracted it takes the shape of an octagon. It’s an interesting design, but I sure hope they speed up the uncurling process. It retracts and extends at such a snail’s pace, it should have been called The Slow Rolling Bridge.

Video demonstration of the bridge unfolding after the jump.

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USB Webmail Notifier: “You’ve Got Mail!”

The USB Webmail Notifier keeps you from having to continuously check to see if you have new emails. In the shape of an envelope, it lights up in red, blue, or green to notify you of every incoming email. Similar to AOL’s widely known “You’ve Got Mail” email alert, the USB Webmail Notifier also associates every new email message with a sound. All you have to do is plug it into your PC’s USB port and run the included software to configure it with your preferred email client.

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SwissFlash Light: 16GB attached to a tiny flashlight

While not quite as versatile (or useful) as the BodyGard, the SwissFlash Light is an official Swiss Army product for the geeky adventurer. Though, I’m not sure how bringing a 16GB USB thumb drive is going to be useful outdoors, but hey, at least the SwissFlash Light comes with a tiny LED white light.

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KeeLogger Flash USB: steal passwords the easy way

Need to spy on someone? Is reading text messages and other SIM card data from your Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor not enough for you? Then, check out the KeeLogger, an easy to use keystroke logger that simply requires you to ‘covertly’ plug it into your subject’s computer USB port. At 1.5-inch long, it looks exactly like an ordinary and innocent flash drive, but once plugged in, it will silently record every key struck on the keyboard. It requires no software or driver. Just plug it in and let it collect your spy data — passwords, e-mails, chat logs, you name it! Once you’ve finished collecting your data, just unplug the KeeLogger and view the results.

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