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HydraCoach Fitness Intelligent Water Bottle

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People say you should drink eight glasses of water everyday but sometimes it’s just hard to keep track of how many glasses you’ve had throughout the day. With the HydraCoach Fitness Intelligent Water Bottle, you no longer have to keep track as it keeps track for you. The HydraCoach is a water bottle that keeps track of your water intake with a HydraCoach Hydration Monitor.

As the first interactive water bottle of its kind, the HydraCoach Fitness Intelligent Water Bottle lets you know through its LED display whether you have reached your daily optimal water intake. Some of its features are a personal hydration calculator, average consumption display, soft silicone mouthpiece, and a time tracker. Available in blue, orange or smoke colors, it can be purchased for $27.95 via Amazon.


Via: Gadgettastic

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