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Keyboard Napkin: crumb-proof your keyboard

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Here’s another reason for never having to leave your computer desk. The Keyboard Napkin prevents you from having to exert the effort of getting up from your laptop and having to wash your hands after eating. The rather simple “device” lets you eat while you type, saving you from having to clean up crumbs in between the cracks of your keyboard.

The Keyboard Napkin is essentially a napkin with your keyboard imprinted on it. It stays in place with adhesive strips that stick to your laptop. Although it does seem like it can protect your keyboard from your sticky, greasy fingers while you eat, it doesn’t seem to do much to protect your computer from the liquids you drink. It’s practically toilet paper thin…and you know what happens when toilet paper gets wet, right? Plus, I’m sure typing with the napkin over the keyboard would be annoying as heck. And what if you had long fingernails? Is it puncture proof? I think not. Regardless, the Keyboard Napkin is still in its concept stage. Let’s hope it stays that way…



Via: OhGizmo!

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