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Key Pete

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Don’t you hate when you’re on your way out but can’t find your keys? Well, with Key Pete you can easily store your keys to quickly locate them when needed. Designed by Peleg Design, the Key Pete is in a neat shape of a stick figure that looks as if it is hanging onto the wall with one hand and hanging onto your keys with the other. Oh, so cute!

The Key Pete is magnetic so it sticks to any magnetic surface and can hold up to 20 keys. But, it doesn’t actually have to be keys. It can be scissors, a stapler, pens, nail clippers…anything with a metallic surface. Furthermore, there is no hook. The magnet will hold anything attached to it, allowing for easy grabbing on your way out the door. Just pull and go. Although the price is unknown, might want to email Peleg Design for pricing information and where to buy. However, the Key Pete appears to be sold in three different colors – red, blue, and green.


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Via: Gizmodiva

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