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Lunocet: swim like a dolphin

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Want to know what it feels like to swim like a dolphin…err, Michael Phelps? Now you can with the Lunocet, a biomimetic high-speed swimming device. After seven years of researching dolphins swim, Ted Ciamillo (Ciamillo Components Inc) has enginneered the Lunocet featuring optimally pitched hydrofoils that strap to one’s feet, which supposedly provides “precise and efficient lift” capable of generating enough thrust to propel a human out of the water…just like a dolphin!

The Lunocet’s hydrofoils are made from carbon fiber with pivoting aluminum and titanium footplates that are user adjustable for comfort. It’s essentially your ordinary swimming fins but on steroids. Plus, it requires you to swim like a mermaid, which I’m not sure is a good thing. The Lunocet’s “fins” are designed to generate lift just like an aircraft’s wings capable of reaching speeds up to 8 MPH. Available in several different color configurations, you can get yours for $1,800 USD at For that price, I’d rather get a water scooter. Call me lazy, but a water scooter requires no energy from me. Sure, I won’t be going as fast as a swimmer equipped with a Lunocet, but at least I won’t be out $1,800 and looking like a mermaid.


Via: Wired

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