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KeeLogger Flash USB: steal passwords the easy way

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Need to spy on someone? Is reading text messages and other SIM card data from your Cell Phone Spy Data Extractor not enough for you? Then, check out the KeeLogger, an easy to use keystroke logger that simply requires you to ‘covertly’ plug it into your subject’s computer USB port. At 1.5-inch long, it looks exactly like an ordinary and innocent flash drive, but once plugged in, it will silently record every key struck on the keyboard. It requires no software or driver. Just plug it in and let it collect your spy data — passwords, e-mails, chat logs, you name it! Once you’ve finished collecting your data, just unplug the KeeLogger and view the results.

The KeeLogger Flash USB comes in various sizes ranging from 2 MB to 2 GB – available in either white or black color. The 2 MB version ($79.99) is capable of capturing over 2 million keystrokes before running out of space. A 1 GB ($99.99) and a 2GB ($129.99) model are available, able to record 1 billion and 2 billion keystrokes respectively. The KeeLogger Flash USB is super fast with a 125 KB/s download rate and is Windows, Mac, and Linux compatible. Best of all, your victim will never know what happened. Buy the KeeLogger at


Via: Trendy Gadget

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