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SwissFlash Light: 16GB attached to a tiny flashlight

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While not quite as versatile (or useful) as the BodyGard, the SwissFlash Light is an official Swiss Army product for the geeky adventurer. Though, I’m not sure how bringing a 16GB USB thumb drive is going to be useful outdoors, but hey, at least the SwissFlash Light comes with a tiny LED white light.

So, by now, you’ve probably already figured out why it’s called the SwissFlash Light. Clever, ain’t it? Interestingly, a tiny flash light and flash drive aren’t the only tricks up this gadget’s sleeve. In fact, the SwissFlash Light also includes a ball-point pen, which of course is always handy. It also comes with a keyring, so you can attach it to your keys. However, with a price tag of $212 USD, I don’t know who in their right mind would buy it. I mean, you can buy a 16GB flash drive on Amazon for around $40. A small flashlight and ball-point pen can’t cost much more than that as well…

But, if you’ve got money to burn, then good for you! Buy the SwissFlash Light at


Via: Chip Chick

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