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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Samsung’s rugged B2700 cell phone

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally drop your shiny new cell phone? All the dents and scratches on your expensive new gadget. Yikes! Well, you wouldn’t have to worry about that if you buy the Samsung B2700 cell phone. Sure the thing is ugly as sin, but hey, at least you can chuck it at your wall with no reservations. Video after the jump.

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Mega Man Wall Lighting

With the recent release of Mega Man 9 on the Wii and PS3, Xbox 360 owners are about to join in the retro-style Mega Man 9 craze tomorrow for 800 MS points ($10). So, in celebration of the game’s Xbox Live release tomorrow (October 1), check out this Mega Man wall hanging/lighting. It’s basically Mega Man hanging on the wall firing a shot from his buster, with the ‘bullet’ cleverly acting as the light. Awesome!

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Mokia 8015: phone + coffee

Here’s a wacky idea from designer Francesco Lerro. Called the Mokia 8015, the concept phone forgos the fancy high-megapixel-count camera, the touchscreen display, and all of the fancy wizardry for an…espresso machine? Yup, Lerro is such a self-proclaimed ‘espresso junkie’ that he had to design a cellphone that not only lets you be a chatterbox, but also provides you your morning caffeine fix. It even has a Bluetooth headset that doubles as your espresso stirrer.

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Plastic Bottle House: looks like an igloo

This is an incredible igloo house made entirely out of plastic bottles. It was created by Jasmine Zimmerman, but not merely for the sake of art. Jasmine herself said “This year, Americans will drink more than 30 billion single-serving bottles of water. In the course of our busy lives this year, we will throw out more than two million tons of polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles – an unintended byproduct of our everyday convenience.”

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Retro Flip Down Clock: tells time in retro fashion

This clock reminds me of the bunker clock on ABC’s show Lost. However, this clock is not scary at all. It’s just a clock that sits on your desk and tells time in a retro fashion. Known as the Retro Flip Down Clock, this clock is operated by an internal gear and automatically flips down the correct time as time passes.

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Knife Hooks: “cutting-edge” coat hangers

These knife hooks, designed by Tianyi Chang’s TC Studio, blend the functionality of a coat hook, with the aesthetic feel of an art piece. You will be able to make a bold statement about your living quarters when your guests come in, by hanging their coats on these knives that hang right off the wall.

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