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Bonsai Charging Tree: solar-powered Bonsai tree?

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Remember the Bonsai Gear Clock? Well, here’s another Bonsai-themed gadget that will surely decorate your space. Designed by French designer, Vivien Muller, the Bonsai Charging Tree has 54 tiny solar panels that collect sunlight and convert it into energy storing it in its internal battery. The tree comes with various power adapters to charge your miscellaneous gadgets.

The Bonsai Charging Tree actually comes in several flexible pieces and requires assembly. Each branch of the tree can be detached, rotated, and adjusted to fit your needs and/or styling requirements. If you have a small space, you can simply build a smaller tree. All of the charging plugs are kept hidden inside the base of the tree, keeping it neat and tidy.

Unfortunately, the Bonsai Charging Tree is only a concept. Let’s hope Vivian plans on getting it mass produced!

Via: TechChee

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