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iPhone controlled R/C car

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18 year old Josef PruĊĦa and his brother of Czech Republic have managed to engineer a method to control a remote controlled car with the Apple iPhone 3G. Using an iPhone 3G (and its accelerometer), OSCemote, Max/Msp, and the Arduino microprocessor development kit, Josef was able to create an iPhone app that features “five buttons, four of them you can use for traditional driving, and when you press the last one, it unlocks the accelerometer” allowing the control of the R/C car by tilting the iPhone.

It should be noted that Josef isn’t directly controlling the remote controlled car directly via the iPhone. Instead, he cleverly uses OSCemote on the iPhone to send a signal to a PC installed with Max/Msp via Wi-Fi. The PC then sends the actual commands to the Arduino board which is attached to the original R/C remote, effectively relaying the signal to the car. You can read more about how he did it at Josef’s blog.

Via: GeekAlerts

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