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Yamaha R1 Powered Golf Cart

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We’ve seen our share of ridiculously modded vehicles before. There was the Jet Powered Dodge Caravan and the Hayabusa-powered Go-Kart. Now, we have the Yamaha R1 powered golf cart! Nevarez Racing Products (NRP) have decided to take a engine from a 2007 Yamaha YZF-R1 motorcycle and strap it into a golf cart. An ordinary golf cart probably has around a 9-10 horsepower engine, but NRP’s golf cart has a 1000cc motor producing 125 horsepower! Video after the jump.

The golf cart is capable of performing wheelies and burnouts — things you’d definitely not expect to see on the golf course. Though, it sure makes for a good laugh. Now, I wonder when we’ll see a high-powered Monster Segway?


Via: Autoblog

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