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Anti-theft Lunch Bag

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Don’t you just hate it when some jerk at the office steals your lunch? Not only does it suck, but you’re left hungry and angry — which is never a good combination in my opinion. Fortunately, Sherwood Forlee has an ingenious idea to help deter the office lunch snatchers. Introducing the Anti-theft Lunch Bag! The product is rather simple. It’s essentially your ordinary zip-lock sandwich bag with green spots painted on the bag. The green spots are supposed to make your sandwich look like it has been infested by mold, but in reality, it only looks that way. Clever, no?

Currently, the Anti-theft Lunch Bag is only a concept. Sherwood Forlee may plan on actually selling the deceptive lunch bags depending on demand. So, if you want to be able to purchase the Anti-theft Lunch Bag be sure to email him at

To be honest though, you would probably be able to make your own “moldly” lunch bag with a little dab of non-toxic green paint. Heck, maybe you could make your own Anti-theft Lunch Tupperware…


Via: Lifehacker

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