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Vectrix Electric Super Bike

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Vectrix has designed a fully electrical super bike that is capable of achieving speeds of up to 200 kph (124 mph) and has a 240 volt battery capable of lasting 20 laps of the Vallelunga Circuit in Italy. To be honest, 200 kph isn’t all that impressive for a “Super Bike”, but for an electrical bike, that’s not bad. The Vectrix Electric Super Bike was designed by Robrady Design in cooperation with Vectrix CEO, Peter Hughes. The bike spurred quite a stir at the 2007 Milan Motorcycle Show. Watch the Milan unveiling after the jump.

The Vectrix Electric Super Bike’s secret is that it is one streamlined machine. The designers were able to achieve its level of performance by eliminating all things unnecessary, such as a fuel tank, engine, and exhaust system. The Vectrix Electric Super Bike is based off of the rMOTO Electric Bike, but is greener, yet bolder, than its sibling. Vectrix says that the bike will only go into production if it receives over 500 deposits (pre-orders).


Via: Tuvie and Robrady Design

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