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3M MPro 110: really tiny projector

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Remember the news back in March about 3M working with a secret partner to develop an ultra tiny projector? Well, it looks like 3M is ready to show off its work with the soon to be released MPro 110. The pocket-sized projector is capable of displaying images of up to 50 inches diagonally with a resolution of 640 x 480 VGA. The MPro 110 also sports a VGA connector and composite video input so you can connect it to your laptop, digital camera, iPod, etc.

The 3M MPro 110 will begin selling on September 30 with a price tag of $359 USD. Impressively, the MPro 110 only weighs a third of a pound and has no fans or speakers. It does, however, have a thumbwheel to easily adjust its focus with your finger. Luckily, Popular Science was able to get their hands on the 3M MPro 110:

Images were discernable up to about 11 inches across, even under our bright fluorescent office lights. But they were definitely faded. And some movie scenes were downright indecipherable. The same went for photos. I’m pretty sure the prototype 3M loaned me at CES in January was brighter as I was able to demonstrate it during a presentation under bright lights to a few hundred people. But I’ll have to do more tests to know for sure.

In sum, the 3M MPro 110 can’t project high quality images you’d expect in the larger, more expensive home theater projectors. Given its size, that’s exactly what you should expect.

UPDATE: 3M will begin shipping on October 13. For $359, it comes included with all the cables you need: power supply, VGA cable, video cable kit, and battery.


Via: Popular Science