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Hello Kitty Roomba to clean your floors

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Hello Kitty has definitely come a long way, from stationery to jewelry and now to a vacuum. Not just any vacuum, but the Roomba vacuum. Yes, Sanrio has teamed up with iRobot to bring us the very cute Hello Kitty Roomba. Based on iRobot’s Roomba 530 model, the Hello Kitty Roomba keeps your floors clean the cute way.

Although not available until September 30, 2008, if you are planning on getting one, be prepared to jump on it quick because only 500 units will be produced. Hello Kitty Roombas will only be sold in Japan but you can get your hands on one online through iRobot Japan. Beware though because it is a bit pricey at $810 USD. It’s quite expensive if you compare it to the Roomba 530, the model it is based off of. The 530 costs $329.99 on Amazon.

You might as well just buy the Roomba 530 and put on some Hello Kitty stickers on it…


Via: CrunchGear

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