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Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa

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In need of a cheap sofa? Well, keep looking. While these Chesterfield type sofas are indeed inflatable, they aren’t necessarily cheap. At £350 ($642 USD) a set, I’m scratching my head to figure out why it’s so expensive. I mean, you have to blow air into these things to actually make these sofas usable. On top of that, I doubt these things will be comfortable. How comfortable can plastic filled with air be?

Okay, okay. I guess the Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa is kinda cool. It is easily portable. Just deflate in 5 minutes, fold it up, and go! According to the product page, the sofa also inflates in 5 minutes. I assume that is with the aid of an air machine. The Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa is made from PVC vinyl and measures just about 5 feet wide and 3 feet tall. It is available in Stone White, Earth Green, and
Midnight Grey. An optional electric pump is available. You can buy the Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa at Design Conscious.

Regardless, one thing remains true. This Chesterfield Sofa is one expensive blow-up sofa. If you want more affordable inflatable sofas, check out Amazon’s offering.


Via: GearCrave