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Protect 486: turns your motorcycle into a rollie pollie

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The Protect 486 concept is designed to protect your motorcycle from not only the elements (Mother Nature), but from burglars and thieves as well. Designed by Marc Graells Ballve, the Protect 486 is a motorcycle “armor” that was inspired by the natural defense of an armadillo. As you can tell by the images, it looks kinda like the skin of an armadillo when fully deployed, but to be honest, it more looks like a rollie pollie.

The Protect 486 is supposed to cover your motorcycle entirely, preventing access to the bike itself. It is, however, unknown if or how the “cover” locks into place. Ballve believes that current alarm systems are all the same and ineffective to thieves who are well adapt to technology and capable of bypassing current alarm systems. Protect 486 is different than ordinary burglar alarms in that it is is not based on electrical wizardry, instead, it is based on the natural defense system Mother Nature has given to animals (an armadillo in this case), created by natural selection for millions of years.

Simplicity over complexity, I suppose. Like all concepts, whether or not the Protect 486 makes it into production depends on demand. So, if you want a rollie pollie cover for your motorcycle, be sure to let Ballve know.


Via: Oddity Central

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