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Sook: a fancy kitchen assistant

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Designed by a design student at Savannah College of Art and Design, Adam Brodowski’s “Sook” entry for Electrolux Design Lab ’08 entry made it all the way to the finals. The Sook is essentially a very sleek and modern kitchen assistant that serves three main functions: cutting board with “electronic tongue”, displays recipes and nutrition information, and a RFID food tracker. It does all of this in the size of your ordinary restaurant menu. Additionally, the Sook is entirely washable so cleaning is a breeze.

The Sook concept is three-parted. The first part is the “Sook Cut”, which is a cutting board with an “electronic tongue” that not only measures and weighs food, but can sense (with a sensor) the type of food placed on it and recommend recipes and ingredients that will mix well with the food.

Next is the “Sook Touch”, which turns it into a tablet computer. Using Wi-Fi Internet, the Sook can sync to social cooking sites allowing you to retrieve and upload (share) recipes. Think Facebook and Myspace, but for culinary artists.

Lastly is the “Sook Dock”, which uses an RFID to track the food in its vicinity. It is also capable of adding nearby ingredients to its database for Sook Touch to utilize.

Unfortunately, the Sook is entirely a concept. It may seem complicated, but Brodowski says the design is for the “iGeneration”. In other words, it is for folks that are computer literate, multi-taskers, and social website aficionados. However, regardless of your computer skills, the Sook would certainly make any cook into a chef.


Via: Yanko Design

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