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The Laser-Guided Pool Cue: for the Pool newbs

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Need help with your Pool (aka Billiards) game? The Laser-Guided Pool Cue looks like your ordinary cue stick, except that its got a laser pointer on the other end to help you line your shots straight. It sports a touch sensor that allows you to easily turn the laser on or off. To conserve battery, the Laser-Guided Pool Cue has an automatic shut-off feature that will turn off the laser, in case you forget to. Oh yeah, it needs three 1.5V (AA) batteries, but it comes with six batteries included.

The Laser-Guided Pool Cue is a regulation-sized pool cue. Though, it may be slightly heavier due to the batteries. It is available for $79.95 at Hammacher Schlemmer. The set comes included with a 58″ two-piece cue stick with a secure microfiber grip and an aluminum joint and ferrule. It also comes with two tip scuffers, two chalks, three replacement leather-tipped ferrules, and a zippered nylon carrying case with shoulder strap and accessory pocket.


Via: BoingBoing Gadgets

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