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Henry the Hoover happily cleans up your desktop mess

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If you avoid eating at your desk because you’re afraid of making a mess with all the crumbs from your food, you no longer have to! Now there’s Desktop Henry the Hoover… the mini vacuum that’s not only really cute, but is tiny enough to store on your desk. Say bye bye to bulky vacuums and to all the mess that accumulates on your desk such as dust, food crumbs, eraser boogers, etc.

Desktop Henry the Hoover’s small size also makes it a perfect gift choice for little kids as it is suitable for ages three and up and can teach them to vacuum the mess they make. You also would not have to worry about them plugging the vacuum’s cord into an electrical outlet as it is cord free and powered by two AA batteries. It only comes with one vacuum nozzle which is included with Henry the Hoover himself. Desktop Henry the Hoover only costs about $18.58 and you can purchase it at I Want One of Those. So look into buying some for little tots that you know or for your coworkers or even for yourself as its cute, clean face just might be worth every penny.


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