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Nokia Scroll OLED Laptop

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Designed by Rodrigo Mercado, the Nokia Scroll OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is a concept laptop that basically almost makes it paper thin. Just imagine unrolling the screen and placing it on your lap and surfing the Internet on its touch-sensitive surface. Of course, I’m just guessing what it’s interface would be like since there is no mouse or keyboard incorporated into the concept. However, the display utilizes an OLED type display, the screen should be nice and bright with clear and crisp image quality. Furthermore, if the Nokia Scroll OLED laptop ever comes into fruition, it would also have excellent battery life. Plus, it would be super lightweight!

OLED displays also have fast pixel response times, practically turning off and on in an instant, unlike LCD panels. Watching movies on this thing would be just as awesome. Too bad it’s only a concept. Hopefully, Nokia and Mercado hookup and make this thing real, even if it only makes it only makes it to a prototype stage.


Via: Concept Phones

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