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Salvador DaBot: the Portraitist Robot – draws better than you

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This isn’t the first robot we’ve seen able to draw, remember the Hexapod? However, the Hexapod really has nothing on Salvador DaBot. Unlike the Hexapod, which seems to draw random pretty shapes, Salvador DaBot draws, well…your face! Using its mounted camera eyes, Salvador analyzes the contours of your face and converts it to vector art and grayscales the image. It then basically “paints” the portrait. Video and sample drawing after the jump.

Salvador DaBot actually paints left-handed. So, to get a more human-like painting, the creators had to teach Salvador how to move its hand realistically. They did so by performing the arm gestures themselves while the robot watched and learned. An inverse kinematics controller is used to convert the 2D drawing into a set of joint angles that the robot performs. See a sample of the results:


Via: BotJunkie and Sylvain Calinon

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