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Wonderpizza Machine: pizza in vending machines

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For those times when you’re on a short break from work or class and you’re hungry but don’t think the 85 cent tiny bag of Doritos in the vending machine will cut it, WONDERPIZZA has come up with a solution for you. So, not only will you have the current choices to choose from chips, candy, soda, coffee, or ice cream; now, you get the option of choosing pizza! The Wonderpizza Machine makes it possible for consumers to pick from three different pizzas to buy from vending machines. Video after the jump.

Each Wonderpizza Machine stores up to 102 pizzas which come in three different flavors – cheese, vegetables, and ham. The Wonderpizza Machines consist of two parts, a refrigeration unit and an electrical oven to keep the pizzas fresh and toasted to perfection. The pizzas are not slices, but whole 9” pizzas and only cost about $5 a pop. The best part of it all is that it only takes 2 minutes to cook! I know Pizza Hut and Dominos offer their 5-5-5 deals, which is $5 per pizza, but nothing beats getting a whole pizza in just 2 minutes…from a vending machine!

Note: The video below has the camera dude swearing a bit in the beginning…if you find that offensive, skip the video. Otherwise, click play!


Via: TechEBlog

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