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Bike Pack: bike that folds into a backpack

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Andy Tioh, an Industrial Design student at Humber College, believes that current bikes are so “intrusive and impractical” that they are forcing commuters to revert back to using their gas guzzling cars. His solution? The Bike Pack. The Bike Pack is a very modern looking foldable bike concept that has a trick up its sleeve: its folds into a backpack (sort of). The concept allows users to easily commute freely and allows them to unfold the bike from their backs only when appropriate. Economical and convenient indeed.

However, it should be noted that the Bike Pack doesn’t exactly turn into a backpack. Instead, the bike folds somewhat flat and a separate backpack is attached to the folded bike for the final look. Furthermore, the Bike Pack’s weight is unknown, so it is not sure how comfortable the bike will be on a commuter’s back. I’m a little worried about its look, though. Sure it is modern and practical in design, but it does look rather…umm…odd. What’s up with the small dinky wheels? But, I digress…

The Bike Pack is currently only a concept; production of the Bike Pack is unknown.


Via: Gizmo Watch

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  1. Mat
    Posted November 12, 2009 at 9:58 pm | Permalink

    Firstly – “Bikes are so intrusive and impractical”? I guess this bicycle without a drive chain, one pedal, lack of gears, brakes or spokes for that matter, is practical?

    Typical of designers who have no idea about the product they’re actually designing, or market they’re designing it for it seems. And to win an award for “Best Consumer Product” of 2008 (although how it can actually be a consumer product being a concept is anyone’s guess), is slightly a joke.

    Granted it’s futuristic and pretty, however a lazy comment such as bikes are “impractical” – perhaps the designer should visit a city once in awhile, places such as London, Rome or any major city in the far east for that matter where bikes have been around since its invention, and are the only way to get around. A brief look on the designers website suggests the designer resides in Toronto – a place I know they have bicycles because I have been there.

    Companies such as Dahon and Brompton are becoming ever more popular with commuters and their folding bicycles (which can at least be said come with at least 2 pedals and a chain to cycle with). Dahon is very popular in the UK. So how they can be so unpopular that I’m seeing more and more of them in my local city, is a new one on me. I doubt very much, that people feel the need to go and buy a car because bicycles are “intrusive” especially considering that petrol/diesel prices are at least 2/3rds more expensive in the UK than in the US/Canada.

    Comment like above would be a good way of putting people off cycling. Mostly however, it would be because of the apparent lack of brakes to stop them if they were to ride this bicycle down a hill, that would likely put them off riding a bicycle ever again – choosing to get a driving licence and buy a car instead.

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