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Fingerfood: Food tray for your finger

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Going to cocktail parties have just gotten easier with Fred & Friends’ Fingerfood. If you go to cocktail parties, you know it’s difficult to eat all the delicious hor d’oeuvres going around while holding onto your cocktail and having to socialize at the same time. With the little plates attached to rings called Fingerfood, designed by Ken Goldman, you can now do all that without having to struggle. Your other hand will be left free to shake people’s hands as you socialize and make your way around the room.

Fingerfood helps to easily keep your hor d’oeuvres balanced on your plate while also holding onto your cocktail. One package of Fingerfood contains 10 plates that can be reused. The rings attached to the plates are ‘one size fits most’. The Fingerfood is not for sale, but you can go to Fred & Friends to contact the company for more information.



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