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Goomba Hat: Will hurt Mario but won’t hurt you

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If you’re a Super Mario fan, you’ll love this knitted Goomba beanie. Of course, in the game, a Goomba could kill Mario, but I can guarantee that this Goomba won’t hurt you. Created by Fadecrazy, this Goomba beanie is a modified version of Mark Thrailkill’s London Beanie Hat. You can learn how to knit up your own Goomba on Fadecrazy’s Blog. In fact, Fadecrazy provides the stitch pattern so you can knit one for yourself just in time for winter…or, for your Halloween costume.

Otherwise, if you’re the lazy type (like me) you can buy the Head Stomp Goomba Beanie from Amazon for $15.95 (above photo). It’s a slight deviation from Fadecrazy’s design, but its just as equally awesome.


Via: technabob

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