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Semicircle Headphones: keeps you in tune

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The problem with standard headphones is that they tend to ‘tune’ you out of your surroundings, especially if you’re the type to listen to music really loudly. The real issue is that you can’t hear your environment and the people around you, because you’ve effectively filtered them out by blasting your music through the headphones. Designer Seohyun Baek saw this as a problem and as a result created the Semicircle Headphones.

The Semicircle concept headphones fits in your ears without droning out your surroundings. So, as you walk down the street, you’ll be able to hear and avoid the car coming right at you as you cross the intersection. Baek also says the design is less tiresome on your ears, maintaining comfort throughout your listening session. So, not only does it look cool and feel comfortable, it may also save your life. Connection-wise, the Semicircle sports a Bluetooth receiver that syncs with a wireless transmitter attached to your portable music player.


Via: Yanko Design

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