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Toyota i-REAL: a chair on wheels

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Toyota has been researching personal mobility transport vehicles since 2003. It’s latest concept is the Toyota i-REAL that can be thought of as a Segway, except that its got three wheels and you’re sitting down. The Toyota i-REAL is powered by an electric motor (lithium-ion battery) that can achieve speeds of up to 36 mph with a range of 20 miles. The i-REAL is controlled via two joysticks. At slow speeds, the i-REAL retracts its rear wheel effectively heightening is center of gravity. At high speeds, the rear wheel extends, which lowers the chair’s stance and center of gravity — improving stability. Braking is controlled via ‘trigger buttons’ on the joystick. Toyota has also included an on-board intelligence system to learn user habits and preferences. Video after the jump.

Toyota hopes that one day the i-REAL will make it to the streets. Therefore, the Toyota i-REAL’s low resistance urethane exterior is covered in cloth to help absorb impacts. A perimeter monitor sensor is also employed to help alert the user of imminent collisions, by using audio cues and vibration alerts. Rumor says the vehicles will cost around the $7,000 to $8,000 range.


Via: TG Daily

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