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Mokia 8015: phone + coffee

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Here’s a wacky idea from designer Francesco Lerro. Called the Mokia 8015, the concept phone forgos the fancy high-megapixel-count camera, the touchscreen display, and all of the fancy wizardry for an…espresso machine? Yup, Lerro is such a self-proclaimed ‘espresso junkie’ that he had to design a cellphone that not only lets you be a chatterbox, but also provides you your morning caffeine fix. It even has a Bluetooth headset that doubles as your espresso stirrer.

I’m sure the Mokia (Nokia pun, in case you didn’t catch it) 8015 is Lerro mocking all of the cellphone manufacturers for stuffing cellphones and smartphones with all of today’s fancy gadgetries. I mean, you can surf the Internet, check your email, watch videos, listen to music, and in some countries pay for groceries with your cellphone. So, why can’t we have a cellphone that makes us a good ‘ole cup of joe? I’m sure this kinda feature will add aroma to mobile phone deals! Watchathink?! Shoot, I want one that squeezes fresh orange juice for me!


Via: Cell Phone Beat

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