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Plastic Bottle House: looks like an igloo

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This is an incredible igloo house made entirely out of plastic bottles. It was created by Jasmine Zimmerman, but not merely for the sake of art. Jasmine herself said “This year, Americans will drink more than 30 billion single-serving bottles of water. In the course of our busy lives this year, we will throw out more than two million tons of polyethylene terephthalate plastic bottles – an unintended byproduct of our everyday convenience.”

Jasmine’s igloo house made of plastic bottles was only on display from August 30 – September 1 at Seattle’s Music and Art Festival, Bumbershoot. Her main goal was to educate people on the unknown harm humans are contributing to our environment. Specifically, her three goals were:

1: to transform and repurpose an overlooked material that harms our planet and environment into one that will grow vegetation;
2: to build community through a social, educational collective exchange in the creative process.
3: to serve the communities of New York after the festival, traveling to various locations, bringing the garden to the people.

Looking at the picture, it seems like a great way to get her message across. I, myself, wonder how much money would come from recycling all those plastic bottles.

Via: Environmental Grafitti

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  1. Mary Klunder
    Posted November 1, 2017 at 4:10 pm | Permalink

    I would love to talk to you. I want to build a greenhouse out of water bottles in St. Thomas VI
    where we have been volunteering after the hurricanes. They have no trash pick up and no recycling on the island. I want to collect all the water bottles and help people to make green houses and grow their own food and herbs. Is your house water proof? Many are homeless because their homes were destroyed or are filled with mold. We could make shelters from the elements if we could get it to be waterproof. Thank you for this effort. We are going to go back down Dec. 15, at which time I hope to build playhouses and greenhouses at the school I am working with. Any suggestions and help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you for all your work helping people discover the extent of the water bottle pollution!

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