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Retro Flip Down Clock: tells time in retro fashion

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This clock reminds me of the bunker clock on ABC’s show Lost. However, this clock is not scary at all. It’s just a clock that sits on your desk and tells time in a retro fashion. Known as the Retro Flip Down Clock, this clock is operated by an internal gear and automatically flips down the correct time as time passes.

The Retro Flip Down Clock is powered by just one D battery which can last you for weeks. Its height is adjustable similar to how an antenna works and can go from 34.8cm to 45.5cm tall. This Retro Flip Down Clock can be purchased at Sourcing Map for about $83.99. Judging from its looks, I imagine this clock might make a lot of noise, so you might not want to place it near your bed.


Via: TechChee

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