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Salt and Peeper: cute salt and pepper shaker

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Fred and Friends has yet another cutesy design product with their Salt and Peeper. The Salt and Peeper is basically a salt and pepper shaker. Designed by Thosaphol Suppamtheekulwat, it is in the shape of a little birdy, hence the word “peeper.” Very cute in its little design, the Salt and Peeper is also a space saver since it only requires one product to house both salt and pepper.

Fred and Friends’ Salt and Peeper is different from your regular salt and pepper shakers as it keeps your salt and pepper together in one shaker. In the off position, the little peeper’s eyes are blue. When you turn it to the right, his eyes turn white and dispense salt. Turn it to the left and his eyes turn black to dispense pepper. The Salt and Peeper is available on Amazon for only $10.


Via: LikeCOOL

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