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Smart Candle’s Rechargeable Candles

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rechargeable smart candle

Smart Candle’s Rechargeable Candles
line presents a new way to obtain candlelight ambiance without fire. These candles give you the look of real candles but don’t have the dangers associated with fire. This will prevent you from ever forgetting to blow out your candles and causing you to burn your house down. Compared to flameless battery operated candles, these candles by Smart Candle are rechargeable, saving you money in the long run. Video after the jump.

Smart Candle’s Rechargeable Candles are easy to use as they turn easily by the flip of a switch. Each candle’s flame is powered by an LED light to give it the realistic look of a wax candle flame, eliminating the melted wax mess. Battery-life is around 12-15 hours per 8 hour charge. Also for those of you who like scented candles, Smart Candle offers a set of rechargeable ivory/vanilla scented wax pillars for $50. There are different sizes and different sets of Rechargeable Smart Candles available and they can all be purchased at Smart Candle. These candles would be very useful in the event of a power outage.

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Via: The Red Ferret Journal

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