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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Ear Pressure Equalizer – Cures Ear Popping

If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably had many experiences with your ears popping. This is due to the quick change in air pressure as you ascend or descend in altitude, such as in an airplane. However, this doesn’t only happen in airplanes, as your ears can also pop while you are driving along mountains, scuba diving, etc. Now, Professor Burkhard Franz, the founder of the renowned Tinnitus Research and Balance Clinic in Melobourne, has created the Ear Pressure Equalizer. This product does exactly what it sounds like, it equalizes the pressure of your ear to save you from the discomfort caused by your ear popping.

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NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges Laptop

To continue Hello Kitty’s path to world domination, Sanrio has teamed up with NEC to produce a laptop known as the NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges. Covered in pink, the Hello Kitty laptop was designed with the help of French fashion designer, Courrèges. Not surprisingly, the NEC LaVie G Hello Kitty Courrèges Laptop is mainly targeted towards the ladies.

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Samsung’s ‘Flapping’ OLED

Remember Sony’s ultra-thin and curvy OLED panel earlier this month? Well, guess what? Samsung has a similar thin OLED in the works called the “Flapping display.” Showcased at this year’s FPD (Flat Panel Displays) International Exhibition, Samsung boasts that the 4-inch, 0.05mm thick OLED panel has a resolution of 480 x 272 pixels, contrast ratio of 100,000:1, and a luminance rating of 200cd/m2. Samsung also states that the Flapping display is capable of reproducing color 100% within the NTSC standard. Appearance wise, the display looks like a piece of laminated plastic.

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The Cool Lap Computer Desk

If you like lounging on your bed all day browsing the Internet, you might find the Cool Lap Computer Desk handy. The Cool Lap Computer Desk is exactly what it sounds like plus more. It is a computer desk that keeps your lap cool not by merely keeping your laptop away from your lap, but by the desk’s built-in fans. So think… computer desk + built-in laptop cooler = awesome! As if all that goodness was not enough, the Cool Lap Computer Desk also has 2 built-in speakers.

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Cartrider: roll in a shopping cart

What’s the best way to get to a grocery store? By using the “Cartrider,” of course! Not only can you pedal your way to the store, but you can also throw your groceries onto the Cartrider. Designed by Korean designer Jaebeom Jeong, the Cartrider combines a shopping cart and a bicycle into one ridiculous looking vehicle. The design was inspired by parents putting their children in shopping carts. Unfortunately, you can’t ride with your groceries at the same time, unless you don’t mind sitting on your food.

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Samsung i7110: Symbian S60 + AMOLED

Samsung is set to unleash the Symbian S60 powered i7110 onto the Russian market, with its generous 2.6-inch QVGA AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen. What’s so impressive about an AMOLED screen, you ask? Well, compared to an LCD, AMOLED is capable of producing a brighter and more vibrant image, with each pixel able to switch on and off far faster than a typical LCD. This makes AMOLED more suitable for full-motion video. Spec-wise, unfortunately, beyond the AMOLED screen, the Samsung i7110 is your typical smartphone.

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