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Mother’s Kiss: injection without needles

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A Japanese inventor, Yoshoi Oyama, has come up with a solution to the potentially hazardous waste problem of standard injection needles. Instead of using an actual needle, Oyama has managed to design a needle-less injection system, dubbed Mother’s Kiss, which is disposable and non-reusable; thus, eliminating the possible transmission of diseases. Unlike other traditional needle-less injection systems, which uses air or gas pressure, Mother’s Kiss uses a one-time-use ampule to deliver the medication. Videos after the jump.

Oyama is targeting the Mother’s Kiss to Third World countries that cannot afford essential medical supplies. Oyama claims his new invention is more cost effective than current needles and needle-less syringes. For protection purpose, a specially designed plastic head must be broken before the Mother’s Kiss can be used to deliver the fluid. Fortunately, Oyama’s new system is painless (hence, the “Mother’s Kiss” name). It’s perfect for the kids who fear going to the doctor to get vaccinated …which, I guess, applies to some adults as well.

Visit National Geographic for another video.


Via: Gizmodo