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Pekoppa: communication plant for the lonely

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Some people believe that talking to your plants is beneficial to the growth of your greenery. But, unfortunately, the plants don’t talk back. Talking to your ficus tree will eventually make you look stupid among your friends, so here’s a little gadget that will make you look a little more sane. Called the Pekoppa, this toy plant from Sega Toys gives you feedback when you talk to it!

The Pekoppa’s stem is made from a “bio metal” that is capable of bending depending on how much current is passing through it. A microchip embedded in the toy analyzes your speech and causes Pekoppa to take a bow (or bend). The deeper the bow symbolizes its agreement to what you are saying, kinda like when the Japanese people take a bow. The deeper a person bows, the more respect that person is giving. Same thing here, but with a plant…called…Pekoppa.

The Pekoppa costs $39.99 USD and is for sale at Japan Trend Shop. It is available in white, brown, or blue.

• Size: 100x150x50mm (4x6x2”)
• Power: AAA battery x 3
• Manual: Japanese


Via: Random Good Stuff

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