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Handpainted Sushi Cookies and Cake: 100% fish free

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Created by pastry artist Zoe Lukas of Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia, these handpainted sushi cookies look too good to eat. Each sushi cookie is painted with royal icing, and somehow Lukas was able to give them an almost 3-D look. I guess these cookies would be a good a stepping stone for the non-sushi eaters — you know, before they take the real plunge into real sushi.

Apparently, this isn’t Zoe Lukas’ first sushi art. She created a sushi-themed cake back in August that looks just as delicious. The cake, just like the sushi cookies above, are fully decked out in the details. The rice (made from coconut), soy sauce bowl, chop sticks, wasabi, pickled ginger, asparagus, and even the edamame look life-like. The cake is actually a spiced carrot ginger cake with cream cheese icing. Amazing!

Lukas also has another variation of the cake, but with a shrimp and egg sushi as the center pieces (see gallery below).


Via: Geekadelphia

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